Welcome to Authenticity University

Here you will find courses and learning materials covering a wide range of topics related to Authenticity™ – from its history and philosophy to functional elements such as digital signatures and professional licenses.

Our students range from curious learners and thought leaders to prospective entrepreneurs, licensed professionals, and residents who will populate the new digital continent called Authentiverse™ — where real security and real privacy are a way of life.

Some introductory courses are free; other courses have a fee.

For entrepreneurs, our courses teach Authenticity concepts and tools to support running an Authenticity enterprise. For experts in a variety of fields in the physical world, we offer the opportunity to earn an Authenticity professional license, to leverage that expertise in the digital world and increase earning power in the Authentiverse economy.

Who can take courses?

Anyone can visit Authenticity University as a "guest" to look around and choose from the selection of free courses. For-fee courses require that you be enrolled as a citizen of Authentiverse; then you can register as a student in Authenticity University for access to the full catalog of courses and certifications.

To access the Authenticity University courses you will need to enroll to get your "Osmio ID Pair" – the basis of your permanent, rock-solid digital identity for everything you do on the Authentiverse continent.

While the enrollment process is not currently available, you can review the different courses under the Courses tab.